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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Multiple Emergency Personnel including Police and Fire Departments were called in to help battle a substantially large fire that erupted in Belleville's East End early Monday Morning.

The Fire was mainly on the corner of Haig Rd. and Station St., approximately 150 residents in the area are still being asked to avoid the area until further notice. Burnt styrofoam can be toxic to both humans and especially to pets and other animals.

Residents if they choose to remain in the area are being asked and advised not to clear debris off of their vehicles or their properties. It is also said that residents will be advised by officials when it is safe to return to their homes.

If you know anyone in that area be sure to check on them and see if they need help in any way shape or foam. Since residents are being asked not to return home they may be in need of the following items;

-Food in any shape or form including (Vegetables, Meat, Non-Perishables, and Snacks)

-Water/Drinks (various kinds)

-Shelter (a place to stay until the evacuation order has been lifted)

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