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Hello and good afternoon folks,

We may be in for another evening of crazy weather in the Belleville Area, as well as in the surrounding towns and cities (Kingston, Picton, Napanee, etc.) The weather advisory went out this morning at 11:18 AM but we have yet to see any thunderstorms forming in our area. We are starting to see winds pick up as of 3:56 pm this afternoon.

The Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in place until 2:30AM on Friday, July 29th. This indicates storms will be a possibility until this time. We advise folks to plan ahead for the evening and minimize driving if possible during a weather event such as a severe thunderstorm.

If the storm does hit us this evening we can expect, nickel-sized hail, which can potentially cause damage to personal property (houses, vehicles, storage sheds, etc.). It is advised that winds up to 90km an hour are also possible. It is recommended to secure any loose belongings you or your family may have lying around the yard.

There has not been a tornado warning issued as of yet, we will update you all as quickly as we can if this thunderstorm progresses into a tornado.

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