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Your Curiosity, Concerns, and Passions drive this journey.

As a journalist, I am driven by a passion for storytelling with a focus on truth and accuracy. I'm here because I made a choice to serve you, my readers. In doing my job, I dive deep into the depths of the digital and real world to unearth stories that I hope matter. Whether it's the pulse of our bustling cities, the undercurrents of our societies, or the whispers of injustice that need a voice, I'm here to bring them into the light for you.

Today, as I sit here and ponder potential stories, I feel a resounding urge to turn the page back to you: What stories do you wish to see brought to life? Is it the unsung heroes working behind the scenes of our daily lives, the technological advances shaping our future, or perhaps the environmental challenges we face as a global community? Or maybe it's the intricate dance of politics and power, the stories of triumph over adversity, or the mysteries that lie just beyond the edge of our current understanding?

Your curiosity, concerns, and passions drive this journey. Share with me the topics, issues, or questions that stir your mind and heart. Let's embark on this investigative voyage together, turning each story into a tapestry of insight, inspiration, and impact. Consider this a collaborative canvas where your ideas, questions, and interests are the colors with which we paint. No topic is too broad or too niche. 

Whether it's exploring the intricacies of artificial intelligence ethics, unraveling the complexities of global health initiatives, diving into the cultural impacts of modern media, or even investigating the local heroes making a difference in communities around the world, every suggestion has a place here.

Perhaps you're intrigued by the future of space exploration and its implications for humanity, or you're concerned about the preservation of our natural world amidst rapid technological advancement. Maybe you're curious about the intersection of art and technology, how they influence each other and shape our society. Or, you might be drawn to stories of resilience and hope, tales of people overcoming odds to create positive change.

This is your opportunity to steer the ship. Share your thoughts on what additions would make this journey even more enriching and meaningful to you. What new angles, perspectives, or areas of interest should we explore? Your input is invaluable in crafting stories that resonate deeply and spark meaningful conversations. What do you want to read about?

"I am very grateful to those of you that have chosen to make a donation to me for the stories I have written, thank you. Let me know in the comment section at the very bottom of this page, what stories you want to read about."

Greg Brownell

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We are solely independent with our news and our only funding is your amazing donations to the link below. If you value non-biased and truthful news based on facts, please anything helps keep our journalists out there reporting. Journalists like Greg.

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