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Meet Blair Bastien, she's competing for a medal in the World Special Olympics for the sport of Basketball. The games are currently taking place in Berlin, Germany's Capital City. She's competing with several other countries including Mali, Nippon & Morocco. The team came in the "Top 3" in their division category games before the big event kicked off officially on Tuesday, June 20th, 2023.

(picture of the official division game results can be found below)

We had a chance to speak to Blair Bastien before she left for her flight. When asked how she felt and if she was hoping to bring a medal home this is what she said "I definitely feel a little nervous but also super excited and anxious. I just want to do well and represent my country." "I also hope to bring home a medal. I will do my absolute best and play my heart out for my country and fellow teammates".

We know she will do great. From speaking with her we can say she is 100 percent committed and will do her absolute best to make her country proud. She plans to give it everything she's got and let nothing stand in her way. While training she even fractured her elbow but even that couldn't stop her from representing her country at this year's Special Olympic Games.

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