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Discovering Renfrew: A Charming Town in the Heart of the Ottawa Valley

The small town of Renfrew is a charming community nestled within the heart of the Ottawa

Valley. Known for its beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and one-of-a-kind outdoor adventures.

Visitors can explore the historic downtown filled with unique hidden gems, such as boutiques,

galleries, delicious eateries, and truly local coffee shops.

Guests can also see stunning views of the Bonnechere River and the original 18th-century Mill

Museum and stroll over Renfrew's picturesque swinging bridge. Looking for a relaxing getaway

or an adventure-filled vacation, Renfrew has something for everyone!

The Art Factory, owned and operated by award-winning poet and abstract painter Patrick John

Mills, is one of Renfrew's main attractions and boasts a 10,000-square-foot art gallery located

on the main street of Renfrew.

This unique space offers an Art Gallery, Art Supply Store, Art Studio, Art Classes, and Event

Space/Venue Rental in one convenient location.

Despite being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Mills remains an active community role

model and distinguished community member who welcomes all to his gallery with open arms

and an open heart.

"Live - Love - Art at the Art Factory in Renfrew"

Whether you're looking to soak up some history or enjoy a scenic walk, the Renfrew Swinging

Bridge is a must-see attraction to add to your list while visiting this charming town.

Built by the W.H. Kearney family in 1885, the Swinging Bridge is a suspension bridge that

crosses atop the Bonnechere River and has become a beloved landmark of the town.

Visitors can stroll across the bridge and enjoy breathtaking views of the river and surrounding

landscape. The Swinging Bridge is also a popular spot for fishing and photography enthusiasts.

Did you know the small town of Renfrew is also the proud birthplace of the National Hockey


It sure is! The Hockey Club of Renfrew was founded in 1909 and hosted the Creamery Kings

and the Millionaires as the first National Hockey Association in history.

To learn more about this fascinating tidbit of information, visit the NHA/NHL Birthplace Museum in the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre. While there, check out the other amenities offered at this location, such as the splash pad, children's play area, free book tree, hockey arena, and outdoor sportsplex.

Renfrew Millennium Trail is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. This 3.4 km trail follows the

route of the CN Railway and offers stunning views of the town and the countryside. The

Millennium Trail is well-lit and suitable for walkers, joggers, wheelchairs, bikers, and

cross-country skiing.

One of the highlights of the Millennium Trail is its abundance of American Elm trees. These

Majestic trees provide shade and beauty along the entire length of the trail.

Visitors to the trail may also spot beavers or deer grazing in Smith's Creek, which runs

alongside it. Back in the day, Smith's Creek transported logs to a sawmill in the town center. It now serves as a majestic habitat for locals and tourists to bask in its beauty.

Shoppers will love Renfrew’s downtown core for a unique shopping experience. A Sense of

Country is your one-stop shop for the country and primitive home and cottage décor, retro

candies, fudge, local authors, and artistic consignments.

This hidden gem in the heart of Renfrew's historic downtown features several themed rooms

offering a wide range of items, such as special-occasion rooms, like birthdays, Christmas,

weddings, graduations, cottage decor, and a bookstore highlighting local authors.

Visitors to the shop will experience a world of rustic charm. From handcrafted furniture and

vintage signs to quaint kitchen accessories and cozy throws, there is something for every taste

and style. The store also features a selection of locally made items such as pottery, candles,

and soaps.

In addition to its impressive selection of home decor items, A Sense of Country also offers a

variety of sweet treats. Visitors can indulge in homemade fudge or take a trip down memory

lane with retro candies from childhood.

After a fun day of exploring, Renfrew offers several mouth-watering dining locations and coffee

shops to unwind, such as the Shanloon Restaurant for a delicious oriental buffet, the Manitou

Bistro for Indigenous cuisine, the Bonnechere Bakery and Bistro for light home-cooked lunches

and desserts, and Ottawa Valley Coffee for all your much-needed caffeine fixes.

As you can see, Renfrew truly has something for everyone. From outdoor enthusiasts to art

lovers to those seeking a charming small-town experience, Renfrew has it all. So why not plan

your visit today and discover all this incredible small town has to offer?

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