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The Following Article is Sponsored by Bombtastic Events

Summer is almost over but the festivities are not! There will be a ton of events coming up this fall and the family fundraiser by: Bombtastic Events by Trista for the Roy/Earle family is one to mark on the calendar. The day is October 14th to be exact! The Roy family has sadly lost a beloved member of their family due to cancer and Trista Shaw has offered to assist the family in raising funds to deal with any unexpected expenses that may incur.

There will be a daytime portion of the fundraiser with fun for everyone including your little ones. You can find the poster with details for the different types of events that will be happening throughout the day.

There will also be a nighttime part to this event as well as; serving cocktails accompanied by a video dance party that is surely to make us all get lost in the music. The silent auction winner will be announced at the end of the evening.

Anyone looking to get tickets is asked to contact Trista Shaw, her contact information along with the nighttime event details can be found below. This portion of the event starts at 5:30pm with cocktail hour.

Anyone looking to have a little fun and help out an amazing family in a time of such hardship is encouraged to come on out and have a fantastic time. We look forward to seeing all of you out for a day filled with vendors and games, accompanied by the night's video dance party.

Thanks for reading folks and see you all there.

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