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Blair Bastien went to Germany's Capital City Berlin back in June to participate in the World Games held by the Special Olympics Organization. She played her heart out along with her teammates and we have had the unique chance to interview her on her thoughts and how she feels after coming home with a Silver Medal for her home country Canada.

Blair stated to us: "Winning Silver was absolutely amazing, it meant the world to my teammates & I, Silver is Gold to Us."

Needless to say, she is proud and her country is proud of her and her teammates as well. They represented the very best of being Canadian. When asked what her favorite part of Berlin was she stated:" Every part of Berlin was a life-changing experience. Opening Ceremonies was a highlight moment for sure, along with the Silver medal win".

She also said:" My team and I had no doubts..we came with a goal & that goal was to do our best, have fun & just enjoy the experience of competition. I certainly would 100% do it all again I would be blessed & honored to represent Team Canada as I just did in the future".

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