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Interac/Rogers Network Outage | Canada-Wide Outage - Resolved

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Early Saturday morning reports started to come in from various sources stating the major outage with the Rogers and Interac networks that affected a large majority of infrastructure in today's society has been resolved in most if not all areas.

Folks are beginning to gain the ability to call, if you have not already regained your ability to call it should be up and running again shortly according to statements from rogers themself on their website thanking customers for their patience and informing them their service should be back online and restored shortly.

It is truly a crude awakening to how reliant we are on modern technology as a society and that everything from our schedules, to our work and stores, need the modern-day internet to run as they normally do and it is incredible to see how much not having it can hinder a store's productivity, efficiency and cause a little bit of mayhem amongst its customers who have grown ever more reliant on the debit and Interac system. Yesterday banks saw an all-time high compared to previous months in the traffic flow at their ABMs and Tellers inside the banks themself.

UPDATE: Rogers will be automatically crediting all customers on their accounts due to the inconvenience.

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