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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

As our world continues to advance our knowledge does too, however in order to harness all the benefits of these changes we must be mindful in order to sustain our goals. Whether you believe in Climate Change or not there are specific examples of change seen throughout our environment that seem to be negative consequences due to waste that is created by us as a species. There have been numerous lectures on the subject of Climate Change and as a result, there has been a wealth of knowledge accumulated on how we affect the world around us. Climate change is said to be due to the increase in pollution, as well as a mass amount of man-made greenhouse gases collecting into our atmosphere. This results in uncommon patterns in weather during our regular 4 seasons here in Canada, and a loss of biodiversity as a result. Fortunately, there is a mass increase in awareness of our environment through many organizations working to raise even more awareness. They are also working hard to find solutions to protect the environment and all of us in it.

The University of Guelph is one of these organizations. The university advocates for the environment by making sustainability a lifestyle for its students on and off campus. Over the past year, the University of Guelph has been collecting data to measure, track and report their progress on their sustainability practices. Using the internationally recognized framework, called STARS.(Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment and Rating System). And the university of Guelph manages to earn a gold STARS rating placing them in Ontario's top four sustainable universities! The university has created outstanding practices to help eliminate the school's eco-footprint as a whole as well as to ensure the best for their students. For instance, their energy system ensures the reduction of emissions and no wastage of heat due to their century-old energy system that allows the school to capture any waste heat and use it towards warming 11 other buildings on campus.

The University also provides a bike area where students can attend campus via bike and even learn to utilize the campus bike repair shop where students can fix their bikes, but it does not stop there, all the delicious meals students can have are locally and sustainably sourced, with plant-based options, and no sign of single-use plastic in sight, at every restaurant/dining option on campus. The University of Guelph not only provides excellent education and sustainable practices for their students but they ensure each student does their part along with many opportunities to join environmental clubs and bring forth new and innovative ideas to protect our environment for many more generations to come.

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