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Mural Unveiling in Trent Hills, Ontario, Canada

Yesterday at 9 am in Campbellford Ontario at Old Mill Park marked an important date as the mural created by Jeffrey Weekes was unveiled for the first time to the public eye. His artwork is nothing short of tremendous. Being a local myself I can say this piece perfectly represents the best of living out here in the beautiful municipality of Trent Hills.

In the piece of art created by Jeffrey, you truly get a feel for all that Trent Hills has to offer. In the mural, you can see a wonderful amount of nature and people enjoying leisurely activities amongst the beauty of it all. You can also see the farms off in the distance that have the freshest ingredients one could find, as well as the woman up front reading and relaxing under the lilacs. It truly showcases the area in a spectacular way with the famous Trent Severn lock in Campbellford on the left.

Closeup of the Mural

We had a chance to speak with Jeffrey at the unveiling and he stated "It's an honor to represent Trent Hills using my skill as an artist. I did my best to embody not only the beautiful landscape, but the essence of life out here as well". Jeffrey Weekes is a Toronto-born artist who is extremely proud to now call Campbellford Ontario his home. He offers his services to any and all that appreciate his style of surreal oil paintings, he has also been known to pick up chalk, pens, paint, and ink too. Whatever project you're looking to have completed Jeffrey would love to hear about it on his website under the contact section:

The unveiling was a grand success and there was even coffee and donuts provided by the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce. It was truly an amazing day and we hope this mural sticks around for years to come.

Amazing work Jeffrey!

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