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Updated: Feb 13, 2023

There is a new Queen of Candy from Brickley, Ontario. Her name is Bonnie Duncan. She offers a wide variety of freeze-dried candy from skittles to homemade salt water taffy, she has it all. The process is quite extraordinary as each piece of Candy starts off in its original form but once inside the machine, the trays are heated to 150 degrees and an incredibly strong suction is applied that removes all of the liquid in the Candy, resulting in an intense, lightweight treat.

Bonnie’s Candy is produced under the umbrella Corporation known as KarmaPet Inc. and the Candy will be branded as The KarmaCrunch Candy Co. keep reading to find out where the “Karma” comes from. Bonnie cares deeply for animals of all kinds and has a heart for how farm animals are raised. Bonnie gets all her meat from Harley Farms in Keene Ontario. Harley Farms is certified by the SPCA as being a high animal welfare farmer.

She uses raw meat from Harley Farms in her freeze-dried, KarmaPet treats for cats and dogs. The treats start off in their raw form and are then freeze dried by Bonnie. These treats are raw freeze-dried chicken breast as well as, freeze-dried beef liver.

Reasons for Karma:

  1. 97% of nutrition in foods vs 60% nutrition retention in dehydrating.

  2. Bonnie also cares deeply for the environment. KarmaCrunch Candy Co. and KarmaPet Inc. products are packaged in 100% plastic free, 100% home compostable materials. The materials look and act like plastic but are home compostable and are made of vegetable starches and corn. They cannot be thrown in the recycling but can be placed in the home compost, municipal compost or with the household waste. Cool, isn’t it?

  3. Bonnie believes in supporting her community, particularly, Farm Animal Sanctuaries in the community so 10% of net proceeds of all products are sent to the Foster Farm Animal Sanctuary located in Warkworth, Ontario.

  4. Lastly, Bonnie offers free delivery in the Campbellford, Hastings, Warkworth and surrounds. If you are not local, not a problem – delivery is available within 250 km of Brickley, Ontario courtesy of Sendle, a Certified B Corporation and carbon neutral deliver company. And, they are fast!

Don’t just take our word for it though. Visit and read for yourself. You can also order any treats for your furry friends online as of this very moment. (There will be a new website developed where you can order KarmaCrunch Candy Company goodies for hoomans!)

You can also come out and visit Bonnie at the Meyersburg Flea Market on the weekends, located at 5082 County Rd. 30. (The big red roof and rustic barn exterior are a sure sign you are in the right place). Bonnie is set up upstairs just waiting to welcome you all. You can also send any order for candy to

In Conclusion, Bonnie’s treats are sure to leave both the environment, your Pet Pals, and our taste buds extremely happy.

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