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Saving Money and The Environment

When we think of the environment, we think of many different things. For some, the environment may be the very place that keeps us and our entire world alive and thriving. For others, it’s a second thought in their mind. But no matter where you fall in the category, the environment is there for everything. So why not incorporate sustainable practices in your life that help our earth? If that doesn’t catch your attention, why not incorporate sustainable practices that make your life more efficient in time and money?

Here are some simple and environmentally friendly switches that provide more bang for your buck!

  • Switching to Glass Tupperware over Plastic Tupperware - because, honestly, plastic is SO overrated. I mean, who wants BPA and other chemicals leaching into your food..not me! Plus, it keeps food fresh for longer, ultimately decreasing your grocery bills.

  • Switching to Bee Wax wraps over plastic wraps - this should be a no-brainer. Why use single-use plastic wraps, which you guessed also can leach unwanted chemicals, when you can have reusable and sustainable wraps with various colours and designs to choose from?

  • Switching to Wool dryer balls over dryer sheets - who wants nasty chemicals on clothes? The dryer sheets cause a lot more bad than good. But wool dryer balls not only keep clothes from wrinkles and have a quicker drying time, it effectively reduces your energy bill!

  • Switching to Essential oils over plug-in air fresheners - air fresheners contain many toxic chemicals, and nobody needs to breathe in. I enjoy clean air, don’t you? But essential oils are exactly that, essential! They give a powerful aroma, and you can even make them yourself! So stop stocking up on chemically infused air fresheners and breathe in air that smells and treats you well.

All these mini-switches seem small, but they impact you and those around you tremendously! Take a healthier approach to life; it helps our environment and saves money in the long run.

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