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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Growing up in Prince George, I have seen the doors open to many new beloved small businesses. Sadly, I have also seen those same doors close not too shortly after they opened.

Prince George British Columbia is a town filled with wonderland-like winters, unique attractions such as the Train Museum, The Ancient Forest, and many beloved family-owned small businesses.

Over the past few weeks, I had the pleasure of speaking with several small business owners in town. I have been curious to see if there is a common consensus among the local business owners.

Currently, the cost of living is giving a lot of families a run for their money. Rising food costs, rising gas prices, everything seems to be slowly but steadily going out of reach. The cost of living for a family of four a month is roughly $8,200. Adding in a family-owned business brings on a whole new array of expenses.

Speaking with the people who provide essential services and create a wonderful part of our community, brought to light a common problem. Small Business owners of Prince George feel unsupported, unheard and a little bit afraid of what the future holds.

The downtown core of Prince George used to be where many would set up shop. Currently the streets have been neglected and are becoming overrun with crime, addiction and homelessness. Causing many citizens and business owners to feel uncomfortable and unsafe just walking downtown. Let alone running their business.

Many wonder what City Council will do to help solve these issues. Many wonder if City Council is even aware of the issues that desperately need fixing. Many wonder if City Council cares about the issues at hand.

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I spoke with Gwen owner of Paws for Pur located on 15th avenue. She has dealt with her fair share of issues pertaining to small business ownership. Gwen started her business to educate and help other animal owners. By discovering that commercial chew is detrimental to your dogs health. She created a solution from her passion for pets.

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While speaking with Gwen I could hear the concern in her voice. Like many citizens and small business owners, we have great concern for what our future holds. With new mayor Simon Yu, Prince George has hope that our downtown core will be addressed and the small business owners will feel supported.

Through speaking with the business owners of our quaint little town. It became clear that Prince George needs an action taker. A problem solver. Someone who is willing to take the time and resources to fix the issues that are not so easy to solve.

Will Simon Yu be that person?

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