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It has been a long few months for communters going along County Rd 8 also known as West Front Street in Stirling, Ontario. There were multiple detour routes set up in the tiny town but a lot of the bigger trucks such as transports/tractor trailers, dump trucks and others had to take the long way around the town and then turn back on to County Rd 8.

It is with great pleasure we can say this evening, that the road has reopened and for the businesses along W Front Street it is now business as usual. The section of County Rd 8 in Stirling aka West Front Street has fully reopened with not a fence or construction vehicle in sight.

Also in other news, The Stirling Theatre has once again opened for business as well. Tonight in the small town there were vehicles lining the streets, and the restaurant Jimmy's in town known for their delicious pizza and their iconic fish and chips, was absolutely packed.

Things are looking up for the businesses in Stirling and dare we say it, maybe even "back to norma"l. Thanks for reading and trusting us with your news folks, we won't let you down.

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