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When Will Action Be Taken In Prince George

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Over the past few weeks I have been on the hunt for information, personal experiences and opinions on the current addiction and housing crisis that is taking over Prince George. To my surprise, no one got back to me. It is beginning to anger and frighten me, Many of my fellow citizens feel the same.

The question for our city council, is when will they take action?

There was a meeting on December 5 2022, pertaining to these issues. No action was taken.

A common theme that many of us seem to forget is, history often repeats itself. I am seeing the beautiful streets of the town I grew up in, filled with addiction and people who are suffering. It is much like the housing and addiction crisis of East Hasting in Vancouver. Recently they decided to take action, once it was too late. Like many issues we've seen in history.

Simon Yu discussed how he would use simple mathematics to help grow our city in his campaign. This statement is bothersome, why not fix the current issues that we are already facing. Why try to grow something that currently is not thriving?

There is a gap in the system, which we all know. City Council needs to tackle these issues with more urgency.

Mothers, fathers, and children are suffering on our streets. Simply due to the fact that no one is willing to tackle this issue.

The world has become a harder place to call home year after year. Our hearts are becoming hardened and numb to the heartbroken souls of downtown Prince George.

Many people, when I ask their opinion will say pessimistic things. For Example :

" They did it to themselves."

" If they wanted a home they would have one"

" If they are going to do drugs then we should just let them die."

These are the words of fellow citizens. From co-workers. From family.

Maybe it is easier to judge and have hate towards someone, than to show compassion and empathy. To realize that each and everyone of them has a personal story.

Our nurses are tired, our doctors are overworked. More and more people need help and guidance with addiction and housing. There are not enough counsellors and addiction specialists to keep up with the constant incoming of clients. CIty Council has many things on their agenda. Families are being priced out of their homes.

How does one stop a sinking ship, Is it possible?

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