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An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 on the Richter scale hit Canada early this morning along the border of the United States. The quake struck at approximately 6:15 am local time and was felt by residents in both countries.

According to reports, the earthquake's epicenter was located in the Niagara Falls area and was felt in cities such as Buffalo, Toronto and Niagara Falls. Although the quake was relatively small, it caused some panic among residents who were caught off guard by the sudden shaking.

No major damages or injuries have been reported at this time. However, some residents reported cracked walls and shattered windows. The earthquake has also disrupted power and gas supplies in some areas, leaving many without electricity.

The quake was felt by many people as far away as Ottawa and Cleveland, with some taking to social media to report their experiences. The earthquake is one of the strongest to hit the region in recent years and has prompted local authorities to issue reminders to residents to prepare for earthquakes by having emergency supplies and a plan in place.

In conclusion, the 3.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Canada along the border of the United States early this morning was a wake-up call for residents in the region. Although it caused some panic and disrupted services, it was relatively small and no major damages or injuries have been reported. It is important for residents to take this opportunity to prepare for future earthquakes and make sure they have emergency supplies and a plan in place.

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