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Nestle, the Swiss multinational food and beverage company, has announced its plan to discontinue a number of its popular products in Canada over the next 6 months. This move is part of Nestle's ongoing effort to streamline its product portfolio and focus on growth opportunities in other areas.

The products that will no longer be available in Canada include Delissio frozen pizzas, Stouffer's Lean Cuisine frozen meals, and Life Cuisine frozen meals. These brands have been a staple in Canadian households for many years, but with the increasing demand for healthier and more convenient food options, Nestle has decided to discontinue them.

The discontinuation of these products will not only impact consumers who have been loyal to these brands for years, but also the employees who work at the facilities that produce them. It is expected that some job losses will result from this decision.

Despite the discontinuation of these products, Nestle remains committed to providing Canadians with a wide range of food and beverage options. The company plans to focus its efforts on growing its other product lines, such as its coffee and bottled water brands, in order to better meet the changing needs and preferences of Canadian consumers.

In conclusion, Nestle's decision to discontinue Delissio, Stouffer's Lean Cuisine, and Life Cuisine products in Canada is a significant one, and it will have an impact on both consumers and employees. However, the company remains focused on providing Canadians with the food and beverage options they want, and is confident that its other product lines will continue to meet the needs of Canadians for years to come.

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