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Updated: Feb 13

There is a new Tim Horton's location in the township of Stirling-Rawdon. This is certainly a first for the good folks of Stirling. A lot of interest has been shown over the years in having a Tim Hortons but that depends on who you ask. Some residents prefer their traditional morning coffee at home or some even prefer picking up a coffee on the way out of town at the Shell gas station right beside the new Tim Hortons, as they serve country-style donuts and coffee. Some don't like Tim Hortons coffee at all and some think it will be a negative impact on traffic flow in that area as it is located at the bottom of Oak Lake along the main highway from Stirling to Belleville Ontario. It is hard to say how the town will receive it as a whole, but for those that have been asking for years for a Tim Hortons, their dream is finally a reality. The Tim Horton's location has erected a sign stating their drive-thru is now open. Sources say that for now the hours will be from 7 am to 4 pm until the inside is complete and all staff have been brought up to speed. Whether you are commuting for work or just out for a drive in Stirling, the good folks of the new Tim Hortons will be happy to help. Link for Donations: We are solely independent with our news and our only funding is your amazing donations to the link below. If you value non-biased and truthful news based on facts, please anything helps us keep you informed and in the know

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